On power games

Here I am: sitting in Burja Café in Izola, Slovenia. Popped in to arrange some of my duties, while hb and friend are on the ship, mending the water-heater. Kids at grandma. All arranged for the sail to Rimini - my first offshore sailing.
I was supposed to be selfdeveloping in Germany working on my power game, the who's the boss, who's to serve game. Life seems to prefer the shortest way, though, so I was "saved" and now I can do as I prefer: sorting out the game on my own devices or just simply stop creating it.

Off: yes, this is part of the road, however no real value to a blog meant to record our route as a family to cruising and unschooling, so I will keep myself to the rule of recording everything that is evidently there for at least two persons from our family.


On partnership support 2.

Maybe it is the same way as it is with parenting (or business and so on) - work more on yourself than you work on your partnership and you will succeed.
I decided to go to the Avatar Master Course in July and now, just two days before the actual starting date I'm here without the money and the support from my spouse. How am I going to do this? It's like a yin-yang symbol - that I am watching from a distance, although I have a vague feeling I should be in there too. I know the course will help me work on my partnership, and likewise his support will get me there. How am I going to crack this nut?

Off: I have been thinking if this was the right place to cover these (egoistic) struggles of mine. Maybe not, it is not entirely part of our familys way to do the move. But then I felt it is so much part of the prework, when you are aligning yourself - and hopefully your family - on a plan that seems to outgrow human will if looked at from a normal life's angle. So here I am sharing them - with the strong belief in success.


On partnership support

I have a weak point at this. I have been analysing the whys, I'm going to spare them this time - we all have our well-defined, loved whys. The difference comes when you find the way out, no matter where it originates from.
I have to admit, I have not yet found it. Here we are again: withdrawing our support, our love, our connection from each other - a selfish scream for support, love, connection. Time to tackle it.


On parenting style

We were raised with a pozitivist air: you can make a child understand the whys so that they would cooperate rather than just impose your ideas on them. Looking back, it was a nicer way to impose grown-ups' ideas vs. the do-as-you-are-told way. Now, with the peaceful parenting style, we are taking this a little further. I want to just live peacefully with my kids, giving everybody's idea equal importance. Some would say, if we are not sure enough of ourselves to stand up for our ideas, how can we make our kids feel safe. I often ask this question myself. I also wonder, if kindly soothing a hysterical child is a better way of coping with frustration than just rasing your voice (what a euphemism!).
Regardless of how we choose to do this task, i am sure the basis of it is at the self development, partnership area.
I'll continue with this area - hope to get some support :).


Same content, different style

It is a target now, it was a target in november 2012. In between so many learnings about ourselves, about our relationship, about our children.
I started organizing a steiner school back in 2011, i failed (details in a later post). But I could not just step over and move on. I had to save my kids. It may seem a bit hysterical and I have to admit, sometimes it was, sometimes it is, but I saw the system from the inside, I could just sense every nasty process aimed at indoctrinating my precious little ones. How society in its current state has "overevolved" and is keeping up itself by limiting its members.
I felt like my kids are taking me back to a road long forgotten. Yeah, when i was 20 I "knew" how I want my kids raised (?!) but in the meantime I got to know how you have to make a living - and it seemed serious life was taking over a dreaming adolescent. And then something happened. Call it what you want: economic depression, midlife crisis, awakening - I will be happy and contented to recall these years in my last moment - a simple way to measure and decide about things lately.
To be continued...


Hello there!

This blogtitle - The Szekelys are off to sail - is at the current moment a target, but a rather close and firm one. And a rather ambitious one as well. We had this idea first almost two years ago. ...How long a journey we've been... And now here we are again, clearly at the crossroads.