On power games

Here I am: sitting in Burja Café in Izola, Slovenia. Popped in to arrange some of my duties, while hb and friend are on the ship, mending the water-heater. Kids at grandma. All arranged for the sail to Rimini - my first offshore sailing.
I was supposed to be selfdeveloping in Germany working on my power game, the who's the boss, who's to serve game. Life seems to prefer the shortest way, though, so I was "saved" and now I can do as I prefer: sorting out the game on my own devices or just simply stop creating it.

Off: yes, this is part of the road, however no real value to a blog meant to record our route as a family to cruising and unschooling, so I will keep myself to the rule of recording everything that is evidently there for at least two persons from our family.

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