On partnership support 2.

Maybe it is the same way as it is with parenting (or business and so on) - work more on yourself than you work on your partnership and you will succeed.
I decided to go to the Avatar Master Course in July and now, just two days before the actual starting date I'm here without the money and the support from my spouse. How am I going to do this? It's like a yin-yang symbol - that I am watching from a distance, although I have a vague feeling I should be in there too. I know the course will help me work on my partnership, and likewise his support will get me there. How am I going to crack this nut?

Off: I have been thinking if this was the right place to cover these (egoistic) struggles of mine. Maybe not, it is not entirely part of our familys way to do the move. But then I felt it is so much part of the prework, when you are aligning yourself - and hopefully your family - on a plan that seems to outgrow human will if looked at from a normal life's angle. So here I am sharing them - with the strong belief in success.

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