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It is a target now, it was a target in november 2012. In between so many learnings about ourselves, about our relationship, about our children.
I started organizing a steiner school back in 2011, i failed (details in a later post). But I could not just step over and move on. I had to save my kids. It may seem a bit hysterical and I have to admit, sometimes it was, sometimes it is, but I saw the system from the inside, I could just sense every nasty process aimed at indoctrinating my precious little ones. How society in its current state has "overevolved" and is keeping up itself by limiting its members.
I felt like my kids are taking me back to a road long forgotten. Yeah, when i was 20 I "knew" how I want my kids raised (?!) but in the meantime I got to know how you have to make a living - and it seemed serious life was taking over a dreaming adolescent. And then something happened. Call it what you want: economic depression, midlife crisis, awakening - I will be happy and contented to recall these years in my last moment - a simple way to measure and decide about things lately.
To be continued...

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