On parenting style

We were raised with a pozitivist air: you can make a child understand the whys so that they would cooperate rather than just impose your ideas on them. Looking back, it was a nicer way to impose grown-ups' ideas vs. the do-as-you-are-told way. Now, with the peaceful parenting style, we are taking this a little further. I want to just live peacefully with my kids, giving everybody's idea equal importance. Some would say, if we are not sure enough of ourselves to stand up for our ideas, how can we make our kids feel safe. I often ask this question myself. I also wonder, if kindly soothing a hysterical child is a better way of coping with frustration than just rasing your voice (what a euphemism!).
Regardless of how we choose to do this task, i am sure the basis of it is at the self development, partnership area.
I'll continue with this area - hope to get some support :).

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